Friday, June 17, 2005

A little bit of nothing really

Work has accelrated of late and we are both being pushed hard. The early morning which used to belong to us to squander in bed has now been overtaken and I'm up every morning before 8 and sometimes before 7. I'm getting my first class of "what colour is this?" or "In the morning I brush my teeth" before I have even recovered from whatever dream I was shaken from. It's good for the money and to be truthfull it does make me feel like I am using the day a bit more, however too early is too early regardless.

Kate has taken on some more work with a company and is doing tests for all the students. She complains that it is too much work getting it started but eventually will pay off I'm sure.

I realise that I haven't added much to this blog for a while and this is not becaus we haven't done anything. This stuff about work is an indication though of whats been consuming so much of our time. Other than that we have gotten out of town a bit. We went to Bat Trang just the other day and rode around there for a while. We managed to find a house with a flat concrete statue of a Mig fighter jet on the roof and a chimney shaped liked a concrete rocket. In a village that was basicly no different architecturaly from any other. They did specialise in ornamental plants and the fields were covered with them. The plane on the roof could have been a celebration from the past or a homage to some fallen soldier it was impossible for us to know. Just down the road from there was the cemetary, a section of which contained the war dead, the rocket however makes me think that it was a celebration of sorts. Long before many countries, other than the USA and Soviet Russia, had been to space Vietnam had sent a cosmonaut, a fact celebrated on stamps and posters of the time, and perhaps here in a chimney.

In the house we have flowers again. Lotus blossoms both white and purple are in the vase over the fireplace and orchids and small flowers i have no name for but look nice anyway. Soon we will be heading for Dalat where flowers are grown en mass and will have the chance to ride along the old Ho Chi Minh Trail. The Central Highlands in early July should make a nice cool change from Hanoi's humidity.

That should be enough for now to keep this blog ticking over. I gues this has really been the equivalent of running a car round the block to keep the battery charged and I'm sorry for that. I will try and write again soon, something a little more interesting.


At 5:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi - glad you have returned to the blog, keep sending more on life in Vietnam from your perspective..

How hot is hot....


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