Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

I'm not entirely sure why I should start with this, I guess there is something of laziness in the decision, although i am of the opinion that approaching anything directly is the dullest method you can employ, for what it's worth anyway, today I am extremely tired. I have been eating fried sausages on white bread with Heinze Tomato Sauce on them for the last two days and nursing a cold into the world. My arms are so weak I find it uncomfortable lifting them both off of the couch. it so happens the nights have been unbearably close the last two and i haven't enjoyed a full sleep in days. Put together with everything else and I'm barely here at all, a spectre in all but appearance.

Last night Kate fell down with something as well. She has a stomach pain that is cripplingly painfull for short periods of time then dissapears. No idea what it might be. She hasn't been drinking that heavily and neither have I. She has been a bit discomfitted and needed the bathroom but it seems to hold no answers to what has gotten hold of her. Last night she spent a lot of time jumping out of bed and kicking me. Today she has skipped out of work and lain on the cushions watching one after another interminable film and trying to ride out whatever is going on. She's faceing the decision of wether or not to go to the doctor and all the palaver that involves.

A long time back now, almost a year in fact, she went down very hard with Dengue fever. One of the tropical things that sound good to talk about long after you've had them. "Ah, yes, that time I had Dengue fever. I'll never forget the visions....." all told to rapt attention from whoever it is that you are drinking with. At the time however it was quite crippling. It did eventually result in a night spent in the French Hospital. "Beware the French Hospital" we were told, "It's where the first case of Avian Flu died." Kate spent the night locked to a drip being revived with bottle after bottle of viscous liquids. By her accounts the hospital was one of the best she had ever been in. Better in fact than any she encountered in Australia and the first she had ever been to that had staff dressed like hotel bell boys with gold piped jackets and trouser seams you could cleave a bullock with. It was however an expensive experience. Nothing to compare with the ludicrous and obnoxious SOS clinic where we first went but rich enough to make us broke for the rest of the year.

Now she is sleeping and I hope she will awake feeling a bit better. She has eaten, though nothing more substantial than toast and watermelon, and I wonder if it will make enough of a difference to avoid the doctor altogether. It's difficult judging just when to best go to a docotr. Were it me I wouldn't go unless I couldn't sew back on the arm myself, or that head wound was making me too dizzy to ride around. But its not me and you can only take chances so far. Just now in fact as i write this she has staggered in again clutching her mid section. It seems like it comes once every hour or so and theres no pain the rest of the time even when poked and prodded.

A bad stomach is nothing new here of course. Both of us have had the affliction more often than we would like. We try to eat everywhere but its not as you would expect, the more expensive places tend to be the ones that turn you inside out rather than the ones slapped down in the gutter. Nothing brings it on quicker than going somewhere 'safe'. Its a little part of life here unfortunately. You do get used to things and less and less affects you, or the affects get less and less, but there is always a time here and there where you are dropped to the floor by a salad or a spring roll that's been through someones hands.

There is therefore no real cure for it. You get sick no matter where you go. And there is no way to tell when it willl happen. We of course avoid the warm meat in the sun and that fish the woman on the corner has been trying to sell all week but we eat out most of the time and there is no way of knowing how your food has been prepared or who by. You step into the factoring of chance and blindly hope that nothing bad will happen.

Kate has gone back to sleep and will see how she feels afterwards. I'll get rid of the cleaner and sit down with a book then see how she is when its over. Hopefully everything will be back to normal.


At 2:35 am, Blogger Jo said...

This is great to know as I am planning a trip in about a yr. Been other places like Qatar,Mexico and the Phillipines that were the same way.


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